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What Is Deadlocks Extensions it’s a technique to make a Dreadlock look without going through the UGLY stages! Dreadlocks extensions is a wonderful way to start dreadlocks There are 635,000 people looking for dreadlock extensions every (0.17 seconds) wow that’s a lot and still growing.

Now a question for you what is your lifestyle for so many people are getting Dreadlock Extensions because it fits their corporate job look or need to look more Professional and still have Beautiful dreadlocks. Well I have to say Dreadlock extensions is for you Ladies!

Now a Question for the men what is your lifestyle for so many Men are getting Dreadlock Extension It’s a very Natural Appearances to the eye. If you work out a lot or have an office job are construction job Dreadlocks Extension Is for you also I know so men think it’s not manly to add extensions in hair but please Note this is a fact people want ask you are those fake dreadlocks unless you tell it’s a very natural look !

Now How is this done the way can'’t be understood by words but must be seen with eye's Dreadlock extensions is a technique called (Warping )is when you wrap a piece of 100% afro Kinky Human hair around their hair thus making a Natural dreadlock appearances.

The instructions on how to do this process must be your own investment once a person finish Cosmetology School.

What Hair texture is best for this technique everyone is able to get dreadlocks Extensions but the hair choice changes to match the hair texture for example: African American hair for Dreadlock Extensions should only use the 100% Afro kinky Hair it gives an Natural look for Dreadlocks cause it match the hair texture Perfect.

White people, Asian and Latino’s should use 100% Synthetic hair or HumanHair wefte cut off the track in the color that matchs your hair . The best way is buy the hair and let your hair stylist make them for you before the day of your appointment they don’t mind if you are dealing with a professional person that deals with dreadlock extensions.

The cost for these services are not cheap at all they can range from $980 -$2000 wow yes I told you but they are worth it. So keep in mind these people are spending around 10 hours or more and some take 2 days to finish. If you ask me I say doctors will charge you more for the time that goes in a service like this so be happy and understanding! Oh Yes Dreadlock Extensions is a permanent method a one-time investment also Note: Prices are based on the size you pick.

In doing this research we have discover that Dreadlock extensions are a wonderful and beautiful art and technique of forming your hair into dreadlocks. in this time Period dreadlocks are being expect everywhere around the world there not just known to be big and UGLY but are an expression of ones journey with self and a pride and dignity of Black people in the USA.

What is Dreadlock Extensions ?

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